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Hynfra sets up a company in Jordan, where a green ammonia factory is to be built

Poland's Hynfra and Jordan's Fidelity Group have formed Jordan Green Ammonia L.L.C. The main goal is to build a green ammonia plant in Jordan’s Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ).

Hynfra P.S.A. is an integrator of technologies that enable energy transformation and full decarbonization. It designs and develops facilities for the production and use of renewable hydrogen and ammonia, green energy and renewable heat sources.

Fidelity Group manages investments in the industrial sector, focusing on oil and chemicals. It partners with leading producers and suppliers of energy, petroleum and petrochemical raw materials in the MENA (Middle East-North Africa) region. One of its completed projects is the chemical complex Hydrogen Fluoride Plant in Abu Dhabi. It has branches in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

“Our Jordanian project has a chance to play a huge role in decarbonizing the global ammonia market. Within a few decades, conventional ammonia will be completely replaced by renewable ammonia. At the same time, by 2050, the demand for ammonia production is expected to increase almost four times. We are part of this revolution,” says Dr Wael Suleiman, founder of Fidelity Group and CEO of Jordan Green Ammonia.

“We are very happy about this international cooperation. Both parties bring their unique expertise to the new entity. Fidelity has extensive experience in building chemical plants and knowledge of hydrogen engineering. Hynfra is a partner with a massive competence base and unique knowledge and contacts in the area of green hydrogen and ammonia,” says Marlena Krohn, Hynfra’s Managing Director, Vice President of Jordan Green Ammonia.

The project will build a renewable ammonia synthesis plant, a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of 530 megawatts, an energy storage facility, electrolyser and seawater desalination plant. Annual ammonia production is expected to range from 100,000 to 200,000 tons. Some of it will be sold in the local market, and most will be exported to EU countries. The entire project will be fully energy-independent and zero-emission.

Green energy, green heat, hydrogen and oxygen, industrial steam, etc. will be produced alongside ammonia. The multigeneration will strengthen the project’s ROI. The plant is to be operational within five years.

The facility will be sited in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, which is an attractive place to do business, especially in the sectors related to fertilizers and marine fuels. This location has many benefits, including very good climatic conditions and proximity to the port of Aqaba, which facilitates the transport logistics for the manufactured products.

“We are optimistic about the potential of green ammonia production in Jordan. Thanks to the close distance to the port of Aqaba, the transport of our products will be easy and efficient. This will allow us to reach both local markets and export to other regions, including Europe. Jordan has excellent solar conditions and strongly focuses on the development of renewable energy sources. The country is now finalizing its hydrogen strategy, which perfectly dovetails with our project,” says Tomoho Umeda, CEO of Hynfa.

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