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Hynfra to build the Green Industrial Zone in Bucha

Hynfra and the Japanese company Tsubame BHB Corporation, together with the Ukrainian partner UTEM, will participate in the construction of the Green Industrial Zone to be set up in the city of Bucha in Ukraine. The goal is to ensure energy independence through the use of renewable energy sources, hydrogen and ammonia. On Friday, relevant letters of intent were signed in the presence of the mayor of Bucha, a representative of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, diplomatic missions and business.

“This will be the first such project in Ukraine. It’s strategically important from the point of view of our energy independence and will ensure that our city has its own alternative energy sources. We, the Bucha Territorial Community, have a vision of the future where green technology is not just an option, but a fundamental part of our society's infrastructure. The benefits of this strategic partnership fit perfectly with our vision,” emphasized the mayor of Bucha Anatoliy Fedoruk during the Friday ceremony.

Bucha is a city in Ukraine’s Kyiv region. Occupied by the Russians in the spring of 2022, Bucha has become a brutal symbol of Russian war crimes, including those against civilians. The city itself suffered as well – its infrastructure, transmission networks, private and public buildings were destroyed. Now an intensive recovery process is under way.

The Green Industrial Zone is to cover 3,000 hectares. The Polish company Hynfra has proposed for the local authorities of Bucha a decarbonisation model similar to that which is being launched in Sanok. The project in Bucha will be carried out in partnership with the Ukrainian engineering company UTEM and technology suppliers from Japan, in particular Tsubame BHB. (Last year, Tsubame and Hynfra signed a Memorandum of Understanding last year for the development of small-scale green ammonia plants).

“This is a momentous milestone. We stimulate economic development as part of green reindustrialization, which Ukraine needs badly for recovery. However, another key aspect of this project is security and resilience of the city's energy, heating and fuel systems in the face of terrorist practices of the Russian Federation. We’re happy that our concept, which we are developing in Sanok, will be implemented in the city-symbol of Bucha,” said Tomoho Umeda, CEO of Hynfra, which is an integrator of hydrogen technologies.

The Green Industrial Zone project provides for the generation of energy for local consumption. Hydrogen and ammonia will be produced from renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy, and used further, e.g. as electricity, fuel and fertilisers. Currently, the project objectives are being prepared, and the next step will be to draw up a feasibility study.

Bucha will provide the land around the city for the purposes of the Green Zone, Hynfra will be responsible for the concept and design, Tsubame will provide the technology for building safe green ammonia energy storage facilities, while the Ukrainian UTEM is to carry out the development and construction process locally.

“This will be one of the most important cooperation projects involving private companies from three countries – Ukraine, Poland and Japan. We have absolute respect and recognition for our Ukrainian friends who are taking up challenges in these difficult times and we hope that the cooperation between Tsubame BHB and Hynfra will encourage Polish and Japanese companies to take part in the rebuilding of Ukraine. I’d like to assure you that the Japanese government and the Japanese embassy support Ukraine in this project,” emphasized during the ceremony Yasumas IIjima, Counselor of the Minister of the Japanese Embassy in Ukraine.

Akio Miyajima, the Japanese ambassador to Poland, pointed out that Poland plays a central role in the rebuilding of Ukraine. “I’m convinced that the first cooperation project between Japan and Poland in Ukraine will be a symbolic example for others. I’d like to express my utmost respect for the Ukrainian people, who fight for an international order based on freedom, democracy and international rule of law, as well as for the future of Europe and the whole world,” the ambassador said.

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