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Hynfra 'On the road to greening transport'. Conference in Brussels

Hydrogen does not compete with electricity in the transport sector, but complements it where its efficiency is unrivalled - said Alex Naumann during the conference "On the road to greening transport - sustainable and intelligent mobility in the Visegrad countries". 💦

The conference took place in Brussels and was organized by the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Hungary to the European Union.

Alex Naumann represented Poland there as a representative of Polish Chamber of Commerce and hydrogen technology expert Hynfra.

The conference, enjoying great interest, was honored, among others, by Joaquim Nunes de Almeida Director of DG GROW (Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs), the executive body of the European Commission.

Even though it is in Brussels where the laws laying the foundations for the energy transition are being made, even here hydrogen continues to arouse great interest and provoke passionate discussions.

✔ The V4 countries make up more than 30% of the EU population. It is in these 4 countries that most of the production facilities of the transport sector in Europe are located.

✔ Where diesel engines were produced, today the continent's largest battery factories are built.

✔ In Poland, many municipalities have ordered hydrogen fuel cell buses for delivery this year and next.

✔ The fundamental question is when renewable hydrogen will reach the so-called break-even point relative to fossil fuel hydrogen, which is currently the main option. Only renewable hydrogen can contribute to decarbonization goals.

✔ Hydrogen certification schemes will certainly also have an impact on the popularization of hydrogen.

✔ Since the development of hydrogen technologies is not linear, it is storage, and therefore logistics, that currently poses the greatest challenge.

✔ 22 countries are expected to adopt hydrogen strategies this year, which means hydrogen will become a viable option much sooner than everyone expected.

✔ Last year, Europe had a larger market share of Li-Ion (lithium ion cell) production than China.

The hydrogen market will be very different from the fossil fuel market, which is delivered in a vertical centralized model, while hydrogen, due to its chemical nature, will stimulate distributed and horizontal power generation.

The price of hydrogen will vary depending on where it is produced, not only between countries but also between regions.

Hydrogen Poland, the Hydrogen Technology Committee of the National Chamber of Commerce and Hynfra are actively involved in such endeavors because we strongly believe that hydrogen is and will be the true hero of climate neutrality in 2050.

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