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Hydrogen as the "must have" of the new energy industry. Energy Transformation From Local To Global"

Hydrogen as a "must have" of the new energy industry. Poland and Japan have room for cooperation here 🌎 Report by

🗣 - The situation in Ukraine made us realize how strategic energy issues are now. The global energy market is just changing drastically," said Ambassador Miyajima Akio during the conference "Energy Transformation From Local To Global" held in Warsaw.

The Ambassador pointed out that currently the economies of Poland and Japan are based on fossil fuels, so both countries face similar challenges in achieving climate neutrality. He stressed that Japan is an important cooperation partner for Poland in this field.

👉 Tomoho Umeda (Vice President of Hydrogen Poland, Head of the Hydrogen Technology Committee of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and President of Hynfry) added: - We must immediately stop these imports, accelerate the path of decarbonization and investments in renewable sources. I see here a large field for Polish-Japanese cooperation.

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