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Battery energy storage systems get the first contract in the capacity market

Hynfra Energy Storage (HES) together with its partners: the fund Heyka Capital Markets Group (HCMG) and the developer PKE Pomorze have won a capacity market auction. The auction results were announced on Tuesday by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE). Those are first contracts of this type in Poland.

Heyka Capital Markets Group with its partner PKE Pomorze, a developer, took part in the main auction of the capacity market for 2027 in Poland. As the developer's representative, Hynfra Energy Storage conducted a comprehensive process of preparation for the auction. The auction ended in the first round at PLN 406.35/kW/year. As a result, the energy storage system obtained a 17-year capacity contract.

A 7.5 WM storage facility with a capacity of 4 hours will be built near the Wrocław urban area. In addition to providing the network support, it will also store surplus renewable energy power and cooperate with an ultra-fast charging station for electric cars.

“The opportunity to participate in building the Polish energy sector in the area of energy storage is a source of great satisfaction for our Team. We’re planning to continue project development in the following years,” said the CEO of PKE Pomorze, Piotr Szyszka.

“In Europe, we can already see a strong trend in the development of energy storage systems as a way of tackling the challenges faced by the existing energy infrastructure, which is related, among others, to the rapid increase in renewable power generation capacity. Our ambition is to meet those challenges by investing in energy storage systems in Poland,” added Mateusz Kloc, CEO of Heyka Capital Markets Group.

“This year's auction is the first one in which a capacity market contract was signed for energy storage systems. This is extremely important, as energy storage systems perfectly support the power system and have the ability to provide power to the grid faster than any other source. Emission-free technological solutions, such as energy storage facilities, can be the foundation of the country's energy security,” Piotr Czembor, CEO of HES, emphasizes.

The investment platform with Heyka Capital Markets Group and PKE Pomorze as partners has its strategy focused on building long-term value for the Polish energy sector based on the use of energy storage systems. The Group reaffirms its willingness to participate in subsequent capacity market auctions with an extensive portfolio of energy storage facilities.

Hynfra Energy Storage is a developer of utility-scale energy storage systems. It has experience in the development and construction of the largest infrastructure projects in Poland and is the first company in the Polish market to provide comprehensive energy storage solutions in the storage as a service model and energy take-off for the production of renewable hydrogen.

Hynfra Energy Storage is a daughter company of Hynfra P.S.A., an integrator of technologies that enable energy transformation and full decarbonization. Hynfra designs and develops facilities for the production and use of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives, green energy and renewable heat sources. Hynfra's portfolio is built upon four pillars: industrial, ammonia, municipal and energy storage.

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