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Renewable heat

The production of renewable hydrogen based on water electrolysis entails the emission of waste heat resulting from the high operating temperatures of individual devices used in the process. The main sources of heat in the production and storage of hydrogen are:

Cooling of electrical equipment
Compressor cooling
Compressed gas cooling
Depressurizing stored hydrogen


One of the ways to use this heat is to sell it to the district heating network. In this way, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated when heat is produced from fossil fuels, as is the case today.  According to data provided by the European Commission, the industry sector in Europe is the key consumer of heat, which is in 91% derived from fossil fuels. It is estimated that as much as 50% of this heat is low-temperature heat (below 200°C) which could be replaced by rational heat generation from renewable sources. It is important to note that no licence will be required for the use of waste heat from individual parts of the system for the company's own needs.

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Low-cost energy

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